Ongoing Research. Reports and Subscriptions.

ClearSky Advisors’ continuous research coverage is focused on the strategic issues for senior executives and decision makers in the renewable energy industries. All of our research is complemented by ongoing personalized advice from our advisory staff.

Currently, we offer the following research services through report purchases and on a subscription basis:

Market and Policy Intelligence

Here at ClearSky Advisors, our goal is to help stakeholders in the renewable energy industry succeed by providing reliable and useful market intelligence. Our analysts take the most up-to-date and accurate data available and use it to inform market forecasts that give you a sense for the risks and opportunities in the marketplace. In short, we help you identify your next target markets. Our research will allow you to make difficult decisions with more confidence, react quickly to changes in the marketplace, and take advantage of opportunities that others may not see.

Currently, our Market and Policy Intelligence Service extends to the following:


Download our Market and Policy Intelligence Scope Sheet for an overview.

Global Emerging PV Markets

Right now, falling cost means that solar energy is becoming increasingly competitive where certain other market conditions are met. ClearSky Advisors’ Global Emerging PV Markets Service offer an instant understanding of new potential markets including market forecasts, policy overview and key players in each market. When new growth markets emerge, we keep our clients appraised and offer them the advantage of our early warning system. Our research is designed to fuel your strategic planning, marketing and business development activities as well as reducing the risk of betting on the wrong horse.

Click here for more information and to download a scope sheet.

Equipment Buyer Studies

Our PV Market Segmentation & Buyer Study series is an in-depth analysis of equipment buyers, their buying preferences, behaviors and activities. The study is designed to help executives understand how they can better target and calibrate their product offering, branding, messaging, media, and distribution.

The study series is based on extensive, personal interviews with PV equipment buyers in all market segments and geographies, including utility scale, commercial, and residential systems. The comprehensive study allows us to provide our clients the precise information and insight they require to best allocate their marketing & sales budgets and plan their marketing activities.

Currently, we offer PV Market Segmentation & Buyer Studies for the following geographies:

  • Ontario
  • United States

Download our Equipment Buyer Study Scope Sheet for an overview.


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