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ClearSky Advisors is actively developing software that allows our clients to do more with market research.  Currently, our offerings fall under the following categories:

Market Forecasts

We know that our clients are busy so we write brief, fact-based reports.  However, we also know that reading through reports is not always the best use of your time.  We developed our Market Forecast Databases for organizations who need the most relevant market data and intelligence available but in a convenient format that is quick to review and easy to reference.

Delivered monthly, our databases provide you with 5-10 year market forecasts that consider high, expected, and low case scenarios for the residential, commercial, and utility-scale sectors in a given region.

Currently, the following Market Forecast Databases are available:

  • Americas PV Forecast Database
  • Global Emerging Markets Forecast Database
  • Incentive-Free Markets Database


Please contact us for more information.

Dynamic Forecasting Tool - Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis

We offer a sophisticated forecasting tool for users who want to perform detailed scenario analyses to quantify potential risks and opportunities. This tool links directly to our database of key factors that impact market attractiveness and risk. The user can change key variables and watch the impact on market forecasts in order to quantify impact by country and by market segment.

Click here for more information and subscription options.

Project and Company Information

As part of our research process, we’ve been able to develop a large database of key players on the ground in many markets around the globe as well as detailed information about project announcements, applications, and development.

We offer this information to our clients in a number of ways and by working together to narrow down the companies and projects that are of most interest to your organization.  Please contact us for more information.


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