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ClearSky Advisors has experience a range of different consulting engagements for industry, government and associations. While we treat every client situation as unique, our engagements typically fall into one of the following categories:

Economic Benefit Analysis for Renewable Energy Projects

Energy projects are inherently complex and impact many different stakeholders. While renewable energy projects are generally viewed positively, developers neglect broad stakeholder engagement at their own peril. A generating facility will have to exist within a community and supply energy for common consumption for a long period, affecting both local and regional stakeholders, private as well as public stakeholders, elected politicians, and bureaucrats.

At ClearSky Advisors we believe in a fact-based engagement strategy; a positive approach that recognizes the interest of all of those stakeholders and at same time minimizes development risk. We bring to the table a unique blend of economic modeling capabilities, communication ability and process skills that we can deploy seamlessly to assess the benefits of renewable energy projects.

Download scope sheet to find out more.

Business Planning and Strategy Evaluation

Strategic planning in fast changing environments is difficult. Whereas a shift in market conditions could represent a significant risk to your current strategy it can also represent an opportunity. Of particular importance is knowing which market and policy changes should prompt you to revise your strategy and which you can confidently ignore. Companies that survive in such a dynamic environment are those that can combine strategic nimbleness with resilience in execution.

ClearSky Advisors works with our clients to accelerate their strategic and business planning process and make key decision based on facts. Our combination of experience, proprietary methodology and capabilities allow us to engage with clients at any point of their planning process in a time and cost efficient manner.

Call us for an informal conversation about our dynamic modeling approach and how it can strengthen and accelerate your planning process.

Market Entry Strategy and New Product Launch

Renewable energy is increasingly going global with new market opportunities emerging in all corners of the world. Which opportunities are the best fit for your company and products? Who and where are your first customers in a new market or for your next product?

ClearSky Advisors can leverage our knowledge of local markets around the world to help identify the best market approach for you, including identifying and qualifying potential partners, projects and customers. Our approach is fast, results oriented, and resource efficient.

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Market Assessment

When you need an independent assessment of markets, market attractiveness, competitive landscapes, regulatory and policy impacts etc, we can quickly assemble the right data to answer your key questions.

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Partner Identification

Almost every company throughout the renewable energy value chain relies on strategic partners, suppliers, and/or customers.  Finding the right partners is sometimes a difficult and sensitive task.  ClearSky Advisors can help you throughout the partner identification process of identification, short-lising, and selection.  Whether you are looking for a new supplier, leads for potential distributors/installers/developers, or just looking for the projects that meet a predetermined set of criteria – ClearSky Advisors and its network can help.

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