What We Do. And Why We Do It.

We quantify the impact of change for your organization so you can make decisions quickly and communicate your vision effectively to key stakeholders.   In other words, we provide insights and intelligence that help you get things done and reach your objectives.

Why we do it: ROI3

In order to provide value to our clients, we know we need to provide a return on their investment of time and money with us.  Conveniently, our values can be summed up with the acronym: ROI3

The measure of our success is in the impact it has on those who use our research.
You are only ever as intelligent as the fact upon which you stand.  When dealing with the future, as our research often does, we must remain objective at all times.  We study the renewable energy industry but we are not advocates.  We always maintain our independence and control over our results.
We are consistently humbled by the importance of the challenges given to us by our clients.  Our founders and their teams have been responsible for overseeing research valued at over $100M over the past two decades.

We take the trust given to us by our clients very seriously.  That is what drives us to hone our research skills, uncover the facts, and produce the insights that support critical decisions.

No project is too large or too small.  And problems always need to be solved yesterday.  Nothing pleases us more than being able to solve difficult problems quickly and inexpensively.  We strive to provide value and we strive to provide it with urgency.
We know that not everyone has the time, the expertise, or the discipline to do what we do.  So we take pride in our work and in the impact it has for those who use our research.

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