Our Mission. Our Vision.

ClearSky Advisors consists of a team of experts that share a passion for understanding the renewable energy industry. We believe that the transition to more sustainable forms of energy is an inevitability. How that transition happens, however, is far from certain.

And how it happens matters.

The transition to sustainable forms of energy will create both tremendous risk and opportunity. As such, renewable energy is perhaps the most important industry in the 21st century for both the developed and the developing world.

Governments, investors, developers, manufacturers, and communities need facts and insights to successfully navigate the transition to the sustainable forms of energy of the future.

ClearSky Advisors has a global outlook, working on issues and solutions that are relevant for renewable energy technology companies and stakeholders all over the world.

Our mission is to enable an
efficient transition to the sustainable
energy forms of the future.

Our vision is to provide fact-based insights that create a competitive advantage for organizations developing technologies, policies, and markets for sustainable energy.

We stay true to our mission and vision by:
  • Constantly tracking the trends that matter
  • Engaging in regular┬ádialog with stakeholders
  • Thoroughly analyzing relevant data
  • Delivering succinct and current insights and intelligence through publications, consultations and analytical software/tools

These activities allow us to help our clients design successful strategies and acheive results. Our services are delivered quickly and regularly to help our clients get value and act fast in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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