About ClearSky Advisors. Who We Are.

ClearSky Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm focused on energy and renewable energy markets. Our goal is to add value to the work done by organizations operating in the renewable energy space around the globe.

So, what makes us so different?

In the past year ClearSky Advisors has completed more than 75 reports and projects covering various renewable energy markets.  We are proud to have served more than half of the top 10 global renewable energy manufacturers and developers.  We understand the broad array of regulatory, economic, political, and fundamental drivers that affect renewable energy development.
“Our research approach is methodical and numbers driven.  We help our clients understand where to pursue growth while being prepared for worst-case scenarios. Our analysts use fact-based criteria that can be measured, modeled, and manipulated to demonstrate the range of possible outcomes for a given question.   We apply proven frameworks in innovative ways to produce insights that can be acted upon.
ClearSky Advisors was formed by experienced executives, projects managers and consultants.  Our founders have been responsible for building new products, expanding into new markets, turning around under-performing departments, and creating markets for products that didn’t previously exist.  In total, the founders of ClearSky Advisors have been involved in conducting, supervising, or commissioning research valued at more than $100M over the course of their careers.  We have broad expertise in economic modeling, strategy development, business planning, project management, quantitative and qualitative research, process design, and research methods.

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ClearSky Advisors --- Suite 421 - 215 Spadina Avenue --- Toronto, ON, Canada --- M5T 2C7

+1 (877) 333 5821