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Queen's Park Photo Blog Article CC Benson Kua

Will Ontario Actually Exceed LTEP Targets for Solar PV? A Quantitative Analysis

In our expected case scenario, ClearSky Advisors anticipates total cumulative solar PV installations to reach 3,467 MW dc by 2019, which exceeds the current Long Term Energy Plan solar PV targets of 3,300 MW dc by 2021 by over 150 MW dc. Since our quantitative forecasts are based on planned future contract awards, and historical project attrition rate, a disparity of 150 MW dc is more significant than it appears on the surface. Why does the LTEP call for less solar PV than has been announced already?

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India Blog # 2 Pic archer10

India’s Domestic Market for RECs Hinges on the Enforcement of State-level RPOs

India’s Solar Renewable Portfolio Obligations (RPOs) have not been enforced with non-compliance payments thus far, which has been the primary cause for a weak Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) market. However, the structure exists in India for Solar RECs to drive as much as 3GW of solar installations if Solar RPOs can be enforced. Yet, with non-compliance payment collection unlikely in the near future, the REC mechanism may not play any significant role in promoting the solar industry as developers turn to more established and reliable incentives for growth.

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Hanok Village - Jeonju, South Korea

South Korea Confronts the Challenge of a Post-nuclear Power Future

Domestic pressure resulting from a fake safety certificate scandal has resulted in the reassessment of the future of nuclear-generated power in South Korea. The country’s recent announcement that it will be shifting away from its previous nuclear power-skewed generation goals will be largely positive for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market in the short-term, but may also provide additional support for the continued development of its renewable energy sector.

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